Diverse & Unique: Trikes Tailored to Every Need

AGL offers custom trikes tailored for unique applications. Merging craftsmanship with advanced technology, we uphold the benchmark of electric tricycle expertise in China.

Diverse Possibilities

Sample Custom Creations

Sanitation Tricycle with garbage can
Sanitation Tricycle
Delivery tricycle
Delivery Tricycle
construction tricycle-1
Engineering Tricycle
food tricycle
Food truck tricycle

Garbage E rickshaw

At AGL, we recognize the vital role sanitation plays in maintaining clean cities and environments. Our garbage electric tricycle is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern sanitation operations.

With user-centric features such as:

  • Customizable Loading Slots: Tailor-made to hold various garbage bins, ensuring a snug fit regardless of the bin count.
  • Versatile Dumping Solutions: Our garbage e rickshaw offers both manual and hydraulic self-unloading mechanisms. Depending on your preferences and requirements, choose from our durable metal or lightweight plastic dump beds, each meticulously crafted for efficient and smooth waste disposal.

Delivery Tricycle

Efficient Express Deliveries:
Navigate the urban maze effortlessly with our Mini 3-Wheel Van. This electric three-wheel van is tailored for streamlined parcel dispatch in busy city environments. With multiple access points from the sides and rear, loading and unloading becomes a breeze. Its overhead racks are perfect for accommodating larger items. Ideal for those in the courier services, this van brings practicality to every delivery route.

Electric Food trunk tricycle

  • Stand Out with Our Electric Tricycle Food Cart:
    Dive into urban food vending with style. Our electric tricycle food cart offers customizable vibrant colors and patterns, ensuring your mobile food stall always stands out and attracts eager customers.
  • Tailored for Culinary Ventures:
    Understanding the intricacies of on-the-go food service, we design our carts to suit your specific needs. Benefit from ergonomic workstations, adaptable to various food-selling scenarios, making every venture seamless and impactful.

Engineering/Construction Tricycle

  • Engineered for the Toughest Worksite Challenges:
    Our electric tricycle dump truck is a testament to heavy-duty craftsmanship tailored for the rigors of construction and agricultural sites. From hauling cement and bricks to transporting manure and crops, its versatile nature makes it indispensable for a diverse range of tasks.
  • Compact Powerhouse with Self-unloading Feature
    Don’t let its size fool you. Equipped with a hydraulic rod mechanism for efficient self-unloading, this tricycle can confidently bear loads up to 1-2 tons. Whether navigating uneven terrains or tackling uphill paths, it delivers relentless power and unparalleled performance.

Custom Solutions in Motion

  • Tailored Solutions: As a leading electric tricycle manufacturer in China, we pride ourselves on our unique ability to customize to specific needs.

  • More Than Transport: With us, every tricycle is not just a mode of transport but a crafted solution tailored to individual requirements.

  • Diverse Applications: Dive into our showcased range and explore the versatility of our creations.

  • Commitment to Precision: Discover the unparalleled adaptability and accuracy we bring to every project.

See Our Factory in Action: Real Photos, Real Quality

Explore behind-the-scenes details of our factory.Take a closer look at our hands-on quality and true commitment

Our Happy Clients

Mateo Alvarez

Before shipping, we sent other products to this factory to be containerized together. Their packing estimation was spot on. To save space, they disassembled the tricycle parts but kept me updated with photos at every step. This made things so much easier for me, and also saved on shipping costs.

Arif Rahman

As a small local wholesaler, I often order their standard models. To my surprise, after confirming one order, they notified me by the start of the next week that they were gearing up for shipment. Their promptness truly stands out!

Samer Al-Maktoum

When I first ventured into this product line, I was unsure about its market appeal. I had my ideas, but the seller offered some recommendations. Taking a leap of faith, I introduced it to the market, and to my delight, the sales exceeded expectations!

Amina Adewale

I've custom-ordered stainless steel tricycles from them, with larger dimensions and many non-standard features. I've placed two orders so far and am very satisfied with the quality. The tricycles I've sold from these batches have shown no issues, and the welding is exceptionally smooth.

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