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Electric Garbage Tricycle

  • Superior Durability: Built with high-grade steel and cutting-edge electric systems, our electric garbage tricycles last longer.
  • Model Variety: From sleek urban designs to sturdy, heavy-duty models, we offer the perfect fit for any waste management need.
  • Flexibility in Use: Unlike traditional trash trucks, our tricycles navigate narrow paths easily, ideal for both city streets and campuses.
  • Customized Solutions: Tailor your electric garbage tricycle with custom-fit options for a perfect operational match.
  • Expert Support: Benefit from over 15 years of industry experience with our comprehensive guidance and after-sales service.
  • Timely Delivery: Count on us for reliable, on-schedule delivery, ensuring your fleet is ready when you are.
  • Eco-Forward Innovation: Our electric garbage tricycles redefine waste collection with their eco-friendly, efficient design for modern cities.

General Applicable Conditions of Electric Garbrage Tricycle

Electric Trash E Rickshaw have the following wide range of applications, inquiry us for more solutions.

Airport Tarmac
Construction Site
Municipal Sanitation
Vegetable Market

Get to Know Electric Cargo Tricycle

electric garbage tricycle with plastic container

Ideal for narrow streets and indoor areas, perfect for communities, hospitals, airports, parks, schools, industrial and commercial districts, tourist spots. Its compact design enables efficient sanitation in tight spaces.

The range of our electric garbage tricycle can vary from 40KM to 70KM(24.9 to 43.5 miles) depending on the battery type and motor configuration, ensuring it meets the daily cleaning needs without frequent recharging.

We offer both lead-acid and lithium batteries. Lead-acid batteries are cost-effective, while lithium batteries provide a longer lifespan and lighter weight, ideal for scenarios requiring longer range and better performance.

 Our 3-wheel rubbish bin truck comes with motor power options ranging from 500W to 1500W to suit various driving needs and speed requirements. Higher power motors enhance climbing ability and speed, making them suitable for areas with complex terrains or where rapid cleaning is needed.

It typically takes 6 to 8 hours to fully charge a 3-wheel waste management garbage truck, allowing for overnight charging to ensure it’s ready for a full day’s work.

The design speed of our sanitation truck e-rickshaw is typically between 25 to 30km/h(15.5 to 18.6 mph), balancing efficient cleaning with safety.

The climbing capability of our 3-wheel garbage van is between 10 to 15 degrees, allowing it to easily tackle various terrains, including slopes and mild inclines, making it highly suitable for diverse or changing work environments.

Our electric trash collecting tricycles come with various garbage bin capacities, ranging from 500L to 2000L( 132 to 528 gallons.), to cater to different usage requirements. The load weight they can carry varies from 300KG to 1500KG(661 to 3307 pounds.), accommodating a wide range of cleaning tasks and waste weights efficiently.

There are mainly two types: one designed for direct garbage loading and the other as a trash can transporter. Within each category, there are different models, and we offer customization services to design and manufacture vehicles according to specific customer needs.

The frame is made of high-strength steel, ensuring the vehicle’s durability and robustness. For the cargo bed, options include plastic, steel, and stainless steel. Plastic is suitable for lighter loads, steel is the most common choice for its durability, and stainless steel is best for moist or corrosive waste materials.

Yes, some models specifically designed for picking up trash are equipped with a hydraulic lifting system to facilitate easy dumping of waste. For enclosed models, features include odor-proof and spill-proof covers, as well as hydraulic lift bars to prevent secondary disposal, ensuring sanitation and environmental protection during trash picking up.

We offer both open and enclosed vehicle models. Models designed for transporting garbage bins generally have an open structure for easy loading and unloading, while those intended for direct waste collection are enclosed to prevent spillage or secondary pollution during transit.

Our designs prioritize the convenience of sanitation workers, allowing one person to complete the garbage collection, loading, and unloading process. Features such as transition plates facilitate the movement of garbage bins, and lift systems simplify the lifting, loading, and dumping of waste, reducing labor intensity.

In the design of our electric trash collecting tricycles, considerable attention has been paid to minimizing noise, a crucial aspect for urban settings where early morning or evening garbage collection is common. Advanced driving technologies and soundproof materials are employed to ensure operations are as quiet as possible, maintaining a low noise level to avoid disturbing the peace of residential areas.

Customization for our garbage pickup tricycles extends beyond the type and material of the carriage. Options include motor specifications, controllers, brakes, the cabin or roof, tires, rear axles, and even the thickness of the frame material. Additionally, custom body colors and logo printing are available upon request.

Yes, we can supply samples for customers to test and evaluate, with bulk production to follow based on the approved sample.

Generally, we use SKD (Semi Knocked Down) packaging to maximize transportation space efficiency. Other packaging methods can be accommodated according to customer requirements.

Under normal circumstances, the delivery time is 30 working days. Most of our products do not have ready stock; they are produced according to customer orders.

We focus on product quality, offering factory visits and product inspection services to ensure each vehicle meets quality standards.

AGL-Trike, the manufacturer of electric three-wheelers, boasts over 15 years of experience in producing various electric cargo trikes, scooters, and utility tricycles. You can purchase by contacting our sales team.

As a factory-direct seller, our prices depend on the quantity of the order. The minimum order quantity is typically one small container, with prices varying by model.

Manufacturing Process & Duration Estimation

3-5 days
Material Cutting

Precision stamping of steel frames, essential for the structure and durability of pickup truck garbage tricycles.

1 week
welding of the electric rickshaw frame

Automated welding for trash truck pickup tricycle frames ensures consistent strength and quality across units.

1 week
electric tricycle cabin-painting process
Paint Application

Final adjustments to ensure sanitation tricycle handling and efficiency meet high standards.

3-5 days
electric tricycle assembly
Component Assembly

Expert assembly of electric motors, batteries, and controllers onto sanitation tricycle frames for optimal performance.

3-5 days
quality testing of e -tuk
Quality Testing

Rigorous testing, including load capacity and electronics functionality of pickup truck garbage tricycles, for reliability.

3-5 days
performance tuning
Performance Tuning

Final adjustments to ensure sanitation tricycle handling and efficiency meet high standards.

Hot Model of Garbage Tricycle According to Our Clients Feedback

Choose from a wide range of specifications and customizable options, along with additional features, to meet all your sanitation and waste management needs.

Cost Analysis For Electric Cargo Tricycle

Raw Material Cost

The acquisition of raw materials such as iron for frames and high-strength plastic trach plastic container or cargo bed significantly impacts the price of a sanitation tricycle. Components like electric motors, batteries, controllers, tires, rear axles, and seating materials vary in quality and grade, affecting the final cost of the sanitation vehicle.

Manufacturing Cost

Manufacturing a garbage pickup tricycle involves processing raw materials through cutting, stamping, and painting. The assembly process includes frame welding and fitting of parts, with final quality checks and controls. Labor costs for these processes are a critical consideration in the overall cost of sanitation three-wheelers.

Packaging Cost

Packaging materials for a trash truck pickup tricycle range from basic wraps to sturdy crates, tailored to the tricycle’s dimensions and fragility. For these enclosed sanitation tricycles, SKD (Semi Knocked Down) shipping is generally adopted, with packaging methods varying according to customer requirements.

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs for a heavy-duty sanitation tricycle cover freight from the manufacturing site to distributors or end customers, considering factors like freight, logistics, distance, and mode of transport, such as sea or land freight.

Import Duties and Taxes

Importing a sanitation tricycle entails customs duties, taxes, and other fees that vary by country, significantly affecting the overall import cost.

Other Cost

Additional expenses include remittance fees, insurance costs, exchange rate fluctuations, storage fees, and clearance charges. These are essential to consider in the total cost of bringing a sanitation three-wheeler to market.

Why Choose Electric Garbage Tricycle From AGL-Trike?

AGL-Trike has established a robust reputation over 15 years, refining our expertise across the full spectrum of the electric sanitation tricycle process. We are committed to delivering excellence through our comprehensive services, including design, production, sales, and customer support for our garbage pickup and sanitation vehicles. Additionally, we have collaborated with various societal sectors requiring these sanitation vehicles, receiving positive feedback from our diverse clientele.

factory directly
Factory Directly
experienced workers
Experienced Worker
the stock of garbage tricycle
Strong Productivity
fast lead time
Fast Lead Time
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Visible Quality E-Tricycle Details

AGL-Trike stands for exceptional quality, striving for the best balance of durability and affordability in our electric garbage tricycles.

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

size of the gabrage tricycle

Not Assessing Sanitation Tricycle Specs

Overlooking key specs like battery life, motor strength, and load capacity in sanitation tricycles can lead to poor choices. Differences in material quality, such as non-standard steel, refurbished batteries, and inadequate motor specs, can greatly affect performance, even if models look similar. It's crucial to assess these details to ensure the tricycle suits your operational needs and avoids the drawbacks of seemingly suitable but inferior models.

shiping of trash tricycle

Skipping Customization for Garbage Pickup Tricycles

Ignoring customization options for garbage pickup tricycles, such as the size of the garbage bin or additional features, may result in a vehicle that doesn't optimally serve its intended purpose or enhance operational efficiency. Consideration of the actual application scenario, including the size of the vehicle and garbage bin, as well as flexibility requirements, is crucial since different settings demand specific accessory specifications.

after service of electric tricycle

Overlooking Sanitation Tricycle Service

Disregarding the quality of after-sales service for sanitation tricycles can result in increased operational downtime and higher long-term costs if maintenance issues arise. A good supplier offers comprehensive services from the outset, through sales to after-sales support, ensuring a satisfactory customer experience throughout. Pursuing low prices at the expense of service quality can compromise support at every stage.

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