electric cargo tricycle with cabin

Electric Cargo Tricycle with Cabin

  • Durable Cabin Construction: High-quality materials for durability and longevity in all conditions.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Designed for sustainability, our cabins enhance greener transportation.
  • Customization Options: A range of cabin and accessory choices to meet diverse needs.
  • Weather-Resistant Features: Cabins offer all-weather protection for reliable use.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Ergonomic interiors with comfort features for enjoyable rides.
  • Versatile Use Cases: Ideal for deliveries, vending, or personal use, adaptable for various needs.
  • Direct from Manufacturer: Competitive pricing and customization directly from AGL-Trike.

Cargo Tuk Tuk Varieties

Variety model of the cargo tuk with cabin, inquiry us for more solutions.

Tricycle Cargo Truck with Roof

Ideal for farm use or daily family tasks, this cargo tuk tuk features a removable roof for adaptable utility and easy customization.

3 Wheel Cargo Scooter with cabin

With weather protection, this model suits family use, providing comfort and convenience for everyday activities.

Tuk Tuk Van

A compact van design for business, perfect for vending or short commercial trips with ample cargo space.

3 wheeler Delivery Van

Suited for courier services, this flexible e rickshaw  delivery van ensures efficient, swift delivery operations.

Get to Know E Rickshaw Van

single-row VS double-row cabins e rickshaw loader

The electric tricycle with a cabin typically travels at speeds between25-35km/H(15.53- 24.85 miles per hour).The cabin may slightly reduce speed compared to an open electric loading rickshaw due to the added weight and aerodynamic factors.

Load capacity varies; many electric cargo tricycles for sale can carry 300-2000 kg (660-4400 lbs), influenced by box size,cargo tricycle material, motor, electric rickshaw suspension system and other components.

The most common wattage choices for a three-wheeler delivery van range between 1000W and 1500W.These electric tricycles with cabins are often designed for moderate cargo loads, balancing goods transportation with passenger comfort. Suitable for general home use or parcel delivery, as opposed to farm use or heavy-duty industrial applications,the wattage is tailored to actual usage scenarios, with options like 800W and 2000W available for customization.

For fully enclosed cabins, there are single-row and double-row seating options. A single-row cabin is designed for the driver only,while a double-row cabin can accommodate the driver plus 1-2 additional passengers.

Choosing a bajaj three wheeler cargo with a cabin offers significant advantages over standard electric cargo tricycles.The cabin provides added protection against harsh weather conditions, ensuring both the driver’s comfort and the safety of the cargo.Fully enclosed cabins not only offer superior weather resistance but also enhance security against theft, making them ideal for transporting valuable goods.This added layer of protection makes the bajaj three wheeler cargo with cabin a more versatile and secure option for a wide range of transportation needs.

The downsides of tuk tuk delivery vehicles with cabins include increased shipping costs due to larger occupied space during transit.
Fully enclosed cabins require more careful handling, especially with glass components, compared to open tricycles which can be shipped in a disassembled state(like SKD) to save space. Additionally, enclosed cabins can restrict the driver’s field of vision, requiring more attention and care while navigating.Despite these challenges, the added protection and comfort of cabins are often considered worthwhile trade-offs.

The presence of a cabin in a tuk tuk pickup truck typically results in a higher price compared to models without a cabin,given the same specifications and dimensions. The additional materials, construction, and features associated with the cabin contribute to this cost increase.

We offer two standard cargo box sizes for electric tricycles with cabins: 1.5×1.1 meters for single-row cabins, providing larger cargo space, and 1.3×1.1 meters for double-row cabins, which offer slightly smaller cargo areas. Customization options are available to meet specific size requirements.

When deciding between an enclosed electric transport tricycle and an open electric cargo tricycle, consider the primary use.Open tricycles provide greater visibility and are typically better for straight forward cargo hauling, offering a range of specifications to suit different weight requirements. However, if comfort, weather protection, or additional security are important, an enclosed or semi-enclosed tricycle might be the better choice.Enclosed models protect both driver and cargo from the elements and can enhance the overall riding experience.

Electric powered cargo trucks come with features such as reversing cameras, fans, handbrakes, adjustable seats, radios, and interiors,all customizable based on your budget.

Tuk tuk vans are ideal for urban delivery tasks like courier services, where traditional rickshaw couriers can be replaced with these compact electric tuk vans.
They’re also suitable for daily transport needs such as laundry delivery. We offer customization of the cargo area to meet specific client requirements.

courier rickshaw

Yes, we can send a sample to your designated shipping agent for evaluation.

Our typical MOQ ranges from 10 to 20 units, depending on the model, usually fitting within a minimum 20GP container.

Due to the cabin structure, we generally use Semi-Knocked Down (SKD) packing for our tricycles.

Yes, electric cargo tricycles can be customized into food trucks with modifications for cooking, refrigeration, and serving,this three wheel food truck offer mobility, ease of parking, lower operational costs, and access to various locations, ideal for mobile food businesses.

AGL-Trike, a professional tuk tuk factory in China, offers acomprehensive range of services from manufacturing to customization and delivery for electric tricycles with cabins.

Manufacturing Process & Duration Estimation

3-5 days
Material Cutting

Precision stamping of steel frames, essential for electric cargo rickshaw structure and durability.

1 week
welding of the electric rickshaw frame

Automated welding for electric cargo tuk frames ensures consistent strength and quality across units.

1 week
electric tricycle cabin-painting process
Paint Application

Multiple layers of paint applied to electric loading tricycles for corrosion resistance and long-lasting finish.

3-5 days
electric tricycle assembly
Component Assembly

Expert assembly of electric motors, batteries, and controllers onto tricycle frames for optimal performance.

3-5 days
quality testing of e -tuk
Quality Testing

Rigorous testing, including electric cargo tricycle load capacity and electronics functionality, for reliability.

3-5 days
performance tuning
Performance Tuning

Final adjustments to ensure electric cargo tricycle handling and efficiency meet high standards.

Hot Model of 3 Wheel E-Loader With Carrier

Choose from various specifications and flexible options with additional custom features to meet all your transportation needs.

Cost Analysis For Electric Cargo Tricycle

Raw Material Cost

The acquisition of raw materials such as stainless steel or regular steel for frames significantly impacts the price of an electric cargo tricycle. Components like electric motors, batteries, controllers, tires, rear axles, and seating materials vary in quality and grade, affecting the final cost of the electric tricycle for cargo.

Manufacturing Cost

Manufacturing an electric delivery tricycle involves processing raw materials through cutting, stamping, and painting. The assembly process includes frame welding and fitting of parts, with final quality checks and controls. Labor costs for these processes are a critical consideration in the overall cost of electric three wheeler loaders.

Packaging Cost

Packaging materials for an electric cargo tricycle truck range from basic wraps to sturdy crates, tailored to the tricycle’s dimensions and fragility. Different packaging types, such as complete knock-down (CKD), semi knock-down (SKD), or fully assembled units, influence container volume and shipping efficiency.

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs for a electric powered cargo truck cover freight from the manufacturing site to distributors or end customers, taking into account freight, logistics, distance, and mode of transport, such as sea or land freight.

Import Duties and Taxes

Importing an electric three-wheel scooter entails customs duties, taxes, and other fees that vary by country, significantly affecting the overall import cost.

Other Cost

Additional expenses include remittance fees, insurance costs, exchange rate fluctuations, storage fees, and clearance charges. These are essential to consider in the total cost of bringing a Chinese three-wheel truck to market.

Why Choose Three Wheeler Delivery Van From AGL-Trike?

AGL-Trike has established a robust reputation over 15 years, refining our expertise across the full spectrum of the electric tuk process. We are committed to delivering excellence through our comprehensive services, including design, production, sales, and customer support.

factory directly
Factory Directly
experienced workers
Experienced Worker
Strong Productivity
Strong Productivity
fast lead time
Fast Lead Time

Visible Quality E-Tricycle Details

AGL-Trike is committed to visible quality, offering a variety of high-quality optional features to enhance the functionality and experience of our electric cargo tricycles.

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

electric loading rickshaw specification

Not Assessing Electric Cargo Tricycle Specs

Overlooking essential specifications like battery life, motor strength, and load capacity in a heavy-duty electric tricycle can lead to unsuitable purchases for your business needs.

electric tricycle design

Skipping Customization for Electric Transport Tricycle

Ignoring customization options for electric cargo tricycles, such as carriage box size or additional features, may result in a vehicle that doesn't optimally serve its intended purpose or enhance operational efficiency.

after service of electric tricycle

Overlooking Electric Loader Rickshaw Service

Disregarding the quality of after-sales service for electric transport tricycles can result in increased operational downtime and higher long-term costs if maintenance issues arise.

Terrain when ride the electric tricycle

Ignoring Terrain Compatibility

Not considering whether a cargo electric tricycle is suited for urban streets or rugged farm terrain can severely affect the vehicle's performance and maintenance needs.

electric rickshaw loading heavy weight

Overlooking Load Capacity in Electric Rickshaw Trucks

Neglecting the maximum load capacity when selecting an electric rickshaw cargo can compromise safety and lead to inefficiencies in transport operations.

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