enclosed electric trike scooter

Enclosed Электрический Tricycle

  • Ergonomic Comfort: Equipped with a spacious enclosed cabin, our enclosed passenger electric tricycle ensures a comfortable ride, rain or shine.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: With reinforced body structure and integrated safety systems, we prioritize your well-being on every journey.
  • Energy-Efficient Performance: Our electric tricycles are powered by state-of-the-art batteries, providing efficient rides with less environmental impact.
  • Innovative Design: Sleek, modern, and aerodynamic, our tricycles offer a visually striking design that doesn’t compromise on functionality.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Designed with ease of use in mind, our tricycles feature intuitive controls and a smooth driving experience.
  • Adaptable Seating: Configurable seating options cater to both personal and professional needs, offering versatility for every trip.

Get to Know 3 Wheel Enclosed Scooter

2 doors and 5 doors enclose electric trike scooter

The primary design goal of the enclosed electric tricycle, tailored for passenger use, is to provide a safe and comfortable commuting experience, capable of protecting passengers from various adverse weather conditions.

The maximum speed of our 3-wheel enclosed scooter ranges between 25 to 35 km/h (approximately 15.5 to 21.7 mph), with customization options available to cater to specific customer needs.

The range of the enclosed 3-wheel vehicle depends on motor specifications and battery variations, with options including 48V and 60V batteries of capacities 32AH, 45AH, 52AH, and 60AH. This allows for a travel distance of 30 to 90 kilometers (about 18.6 to 55.9 miles) on a single charge, with a typical recharge time of around 8 hours.

both lead-acid and lithium Batteries are available. Lead-acid batteries are a cost-effective option, offering a good balance of price and performance. On the other hand, lithium batteries, while more expensive, provide a longer lifespan and can be a more economical choice over time for those prioritizing durability and extended use.

We offer motor power options of 800W, 1000W, 1200W, and 1500W to meet the driving needs of different models.

The climbing capability ranges between 15-30°, allowing it to easily tackle a variety of terrains.

Our models come in two sizes: one with dual single doors (2 doors and 3 seats) and one with dual double doors plus a rear tailgate (5 doors 3 seats). The single-door model is suitable for 2 adults and one child (including the driver), while the double-door model can accommodate more than 3 adults (including the driver).

Yes,This type of enclosed three-wheeler is considered a low-speed electric vehicle, and in most areas, driving this electric tricycle does not require a car license or registration, as it is essentially an enclosed cabin daily electric trike scooter.

The body primarily uses plastic shell or metal shell materials. For plastic models: a steel frame forms the body framework, wrapped in thickened tempered plastic pieces with a metal chassis, offering a fashionable look and various styles. making it suitable for 2-door compact 3 wheel vehicles, convenient for elderly users due to its small size, easy operation, and minimal parking space requirement, also featuring lower power consumption and often higher interior specifications. The metal shell tricycles, a traditional material choice, have a sturdy shell made from hot-formed iron steel rolled according to molds and then welded to form an exterior, similar to cars. The advantage is a relatively more robust shell and higher safety, more fitting for 4-door models with more space.

Options for customization include motor specifications, controllers, climbing gears, front wheel disc brakes/drum brake (many base models lack front brakes, with braking on the rear wheels), manual window cranks, and optional features like a reversing camera, anti-theft alarm, luggage rack, heater, spotlights, etc. Additionally, customization of your brand, body color, and logo printing is available.

Ensure timely charging with the correct charger, keep in a dry environment, avoid charging in high temperatures or under direct summer sunlight. Regularly check tire conditions. This product has very low maintenance costs, requiring no special attention beyond routine use and upkeep.

The small 3 wheel electric car, also known as a 3 wheel covered scooter, is equipped with several safety and comfort features designed for an optimal riding experience. For safety, it boasts anti-skid tires that enhance traction, safety belts for all occupants, and an LED lighting system for superior nighttime visibility. On the comfort side, ergonomic seating minimizes rider fatigue, the spacious cabin provides ample room, and a built-in ventilation system ensures the interior remains at a comfortable temperature. These features make the 3 wheel covered scooter both safe and enjoyable for daily use or leisure.

Also known as an Enclosed Passenger Tricycle for Family Use, this vehicle is ideally suited for short-distance travel and daily commutes for adults, especially in areas with moderately good road conditions. It emphasizes low carbon emissions and environmental friendliness by significantly reducing exhaust emissions. As a mini tuk tuk car, it offers a convenient and economical solution for budget-conscious users needing short-distance transportation. Its affordability, emission reduction, and low operating costs make it a perfect choice for family ownership, promoting a low-carbon, environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Motorized tricycle cars offer two primary steering options: handlebar and steering wheel. Handlebars are known for their superior maneuverability, particularly beneficial for making quick turns or when transporting light loads. This makes them a cost-efficient standard choice. Steering wheels, favored for their aesthetic appeal in tuk tuk electric cars, are ideal for navigating smooth, urban terrains but might lack the flexibility needed for more challenging driving conditions. Choosing between handlebar and steering wheel steering hinges on individual requirements and preferences, including considerations of the driving environment, load demands, and design preferences.

steel frame forms the body and plastic shell of the 3 wheel electric car

We commonly utilize FOB and CIF as our standard shipping services but can also accommodate specific customer requirements for transporting our three-wheel electric cars.

Yes, we offer samples for customers to test and evaluate, supporting 1pc sample orders. For detailed information, please contact our sales team.

Our fully enclosed e-trikes typically use CBU (Complete Built Unit) packaging, shipping the vehicle whole and ensuring it’s securely crated to safeguard during transportation.

Under normal conditions, the production time is 30 working days. Most of our products are made to order, without ready stock, and are shipped following production based on customer orders.

We prioritize product quality and welcome customers to visit our factory. We support third-party product inspection services to ensure every vehicle meets our quality standards.

You can purchase from AGL-Trike, a leading manufacturer of three-wheel electric cars, with over 15 years of experience in producing various electric cargo tricycles, 3-wheel electric scooters, and electric rickshaws. Contact our sales team for more information.

As a direct factory seller, the price of our three-wheel vehicles is determined by the order quantity. The minimum order typically starts with a small container, usually above 10pcs, depending on the vehicle model.

Manufacturing Process & Duration Estimation

3-5 days
Material Cutting

Precision stamping of steel frames is crucial for the structure and durability of 3 wheel electric cars, ensuring a sturdy foundation for these versatile vehicles.

1 week
welding of the electric rickshaw frame

Automated welding for tricycle car frames guarantees consistent strength and quality, vital for the safety and longevity of these three-wheeled vehicles.

1 week
electric tricycle cabin-painting process
Paint Application

Final adjustments are meticulously carried out to ensure that the handling and efficiency of the 3 wheel covered scooter align with rigorous standards.

3-5 days
electric tricycle assembly
Component Assembly

Expert assembly of electric motors, batteries, and controllers is conducted on the frames of electric 3 wheelers for adults, optimizing performance for everyday use.

3-5 days
quality test of adult cabin tricycle
Quality Testing

Rigorous testing, including assessments of load capacity and electronics functionality, are applied to ensure the reliability of these electric three-wheeled vehicles.

3-5 days
final adjustment of the electric trike with cabin
Performance Tuning

Final adjustments are again verified to confirm that the handling and efficiency of the tricycle cars are up to the high standards expected by adult users.

Hot Model of 3 Wheel Cabin Scooter According to Our Clients Feedback

Explore our diverse selection of enclosed electric tricycles designed for adult, offering a variety of specifications to cater to your personal or shared travel needs. Built to provide comfort and shelter from the elements. With our models, you’re equipped for any weather, ensuring a pleasant journey no matter the season.

Cost Analysis For Enclosed Trike Motorcycle

Raw Material Cost

The acquisition of raw materials such as steel for reinforced frames and high-strength plastic shells significantly impacts the price of a fully enclosed scooter tricycle. Components like electric motors, high-capacity batteries, advanced controllers, durable tires, robust rear axles, and comfortable seating materials are crucial for the premium quality and grade, which reflect in the final cost of a tricycle mobility scooter.

Manufacturing Cost

Manufacturing a 3 wheel mini car involves meticulous processing of raw materials through precision cutting, stamping, and protective painting. The assembly process includes frame welding and fitting of high-quality parts, with final quality checks and controls to ensure the integrity of each enclosed trike motorcycle. Labor costs for these intricate processes are a critical consideration in the overall expense of electric tuk-tuk cars.

Packaging Cost

Packaging for auto rickshaws with doors varies from protective wraps to sturdy crates, suited to the tricycle’s size and safety needs. A completely built-up (CBU) transportation method is typically used, with packaging tailored to customer specifications. For enclosed three-wheelers, we may use recommended shipping or other packaging methods as per client requests.

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs for a street-legal enclosed trike cover freight from the manufacturing site to distributors or direct consumers, considering factors like freight type, logistics complexity, distance, and the mode of transport, such as sea or land freight.

Import Duties and Taxes

Importing a fully enclosed scooter tricycle into different markets entails customs duties, taxes, and other fees that vary by destination country, significantly influencing the overall import cost.

Other Cost

Additional costs like remittance fees, insurance, exchange rates, storage, and clearance are crucial in the total cost of launching an e tuk-tuk car internationally, ensuring quality and robust after-sales support.

Why Choose Mini 3 Wheel Car From AGL-Trike?

AGL-Trike has established a robust reputation over 15 years, refining our expertise across the full spectrum of the electric tuk process. We are committed to delivering excellence through our comprehensive services, including design, production, sales, and customer support.

inside of the cabin tricycle
Factory Directly
the steel cabin of the fully closed tricycle
Experienced workmanship
strong production ability of AGL-Trike
Strong Productivity
fast lead time
Fast Lead Time

Visible Quality Enclosed 3 Wheel Vehicle Details

AGL-Trike stands for exceptional quality, striving for the best balance of durability and affordability in our electric enclosed tricycles.

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

severl pieces of enclosed trike is ready to ship-1

Inadequate Evaluation of Tricycle Motor Scooter Specifications

Neglecting the detailed nuances in components such as frames, motors, and batteries of three-wheel scooters for adults could lead to choices that seem similar on the surface but differ significantly in performance. Even if two models look alike, the differences in specifications could be crucial for your operation’s requirements.

mini 3 wheel car

Neglecting Comfort and Customization in Enclosed 3 Wheel Electric Scooters

Overlooking the array of customization options available in enclosed 3 wheel electric scooters, from interior amenities like radios, fans, climbing gears to reverse cameras, might restrict the comfort and utility of the vehicle. Unlike standard configurations, these options can be tailored to suit diverse market demands and price points, enhancing the driving experience in tricycle motor scooters.

after service of electric tricycle

Underestimating After-Sales Support for Three Wheel Scooters for Adults

Failing to consider the quality of after-sales support when purchasing a tricycle motor scooter can lead to minimal maintenance needs. However, a reliable and accountable supplier can greatly reduce troubles for distributors, ensuring minimal operational disruption and maintenance for three wheel scooters for adults.

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