trike electric scooter with child seat

Electric Tricycle Scooter

  • Rider-Focused Design: Our electric trike are crafted with a design ideal for both adults and seniors, ensuring comfortable and convenient rides.
  • Model Selection: We present an extensive array of three-wheel electric bicycles, including single-rider models, two-seater options, and even three-passenger designs, suitable for urban commuting and enhanced mobility.
  • City-Ready Versatility: Ideal for urban streets, family leisure, or commutes, our electric mobility tricycle adapts seamlessly to your lifestyle.
  • Personalized Customization: Choose from a variety of customization options, including colors, styles, and logos, all supported by a low MOQ for your unique needs.
  • Experienced Support: With over 15 years in the electric tricycle industry, we provide expert customer service and support.
  • Prompt Delivery: Depend on us for efficient shipping and handling to quickly get your electric tricycle scooter to your doorstep.
  • Innovative Progress: Our commitment to innovation means we’re constantly developing our three wheel motorized bicycle to keep you ahead in a dynamic market.

Get to Know Electric Trike Scooter For Adults

electric trike scooter for adults

Our electric tricycle scooter is designed for adultsdaily leisure and commuting, with a focus on catering to various usersneeds. It is a suitable choice for electric tricycles for adults with disabilities and the elderly, ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Designed for urban environments, this electric mobility trikes performs well on flat roads and is capable of handling inclines up to 15° with ease.

The maximum speed of this type of 3 wheel electric vehicle ranges from 25-30km/h. It’s designed for everyday riding, not as an all-terrain adult tricycle, which is why its speed is moderate. This consideration ensures safety for all users.

The range of our electric mobility trike can reach 40-60 kilometers (25-37 miles), varying according to the specific battery specifications chosen.

Our lineup includes various models to meet different loading needs, such as a configuration for 1 driver + 1 adult passenger, a foldable electric tricycle for adults with a child seat, and a 2 seater electric tricycle for adults capable of carrying 1 driver + 2 adult passengers. Customization options are available to suit your specific requirements.

For our leisure electric tricycle, battery options typically include 48V and 60V, with capacities ranging from 12ah to 32ah. Compact or foldable models often use 48V batteries, while larger, dual-row seating models utilize 60V. The power and capacity selected directly influence the vehicle’s range, allowing for tailored endurance to meet different needs.

The standard charging time is approximately 6-8 hours.

The 3 Wheel Electric Scooter Trike offers motors ranging from 500W to 1000W. The 500W motor is particularly popular due to its cost efficiency and adequate performance for frequent use. Although these motors are not highly powerful, their speed is moderately set, making them perfectly capable of handling inclines with sufficient torque for hill climbing, ensuring a smooth ride even on slopes.s.

Our electric tricycle with a roof provides several canopy choices, including detachable and fixed designs to adapt to different weather scenarios. For those preferring a tricycle without a canopy, options are available, ensuring flexibility for your needs and local climate.

We offer a 1-year warranty for non-human damages, along with a selection of spare parts for our customers to choose from.

Yes, we support providing e trike scooter samples to our customers for quality testing and evaluation.

We offer full CKD, SKD, and complete assembly options. Based on customer requirements, we use secure and sturdy packaging methods to ensure the tricycle remains undamaged during transport. Check out our logistic packaging pictures below.

Our MOQ ranges from 15-40pcs, depending on your customization needs, typically fitting a 20GP container. For initial sample orders, we also support mixed container loading. For more details, please consult our sales team.

3 wheel e bike with roof
electric tricycle for adults with child seat

AGL Trike provide various customization services, including color selection, logo printing, and adding accessories.

These low-speed electric tricycles are legally compliant for road use in various countries.

AGL provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical support, including online technical consultation, spare parts replacement, and repair guidance.

We maintain a certain amount of stock inventory for rapid delivery needs, including some standard models that may be available for immediate dispatch. Please consult our sales team for specific stock availability. However, most of our products require customization, with a lead time of approximately 30 days.

Certainly, we support mixing different models of 3 wheel electric trike scooters in one order, including other types such as electric cargo tricycles. However, to meet our MOQ and ensure container space efficiency, we advise against mixing too many models within a single container.

We offer various shipping terms, including FOB and CIF, which can be negotiated based on customer requirements and destination.

Our typical order MOQ is a 20GP container shipped to the specified port. For sample orders, we offer delivery to a location chosen by your local freight forwarder, ensuring flexibility in logistics.

Manufacturing Process & Duration Estimation

3-5 days
Material Cutting

Precision stamping of steel frames, essential for the electric passenger trike structure and durability.

1 week
welding of the electric rickshaw frame

Automated welding for 3 wheel electric tricycle for passenger frames ensures consistent strength and quality across units.

1 week
3 wheel E scooter frame painting workshop
Paint Application

Multiple layers of paint applied to 3 wheel ebike for adults for corrosion resistance and long-lasting finish.

3-5 days
electric tricycle assembly
Component Assembly

Expert assembly of electric motors, batteries, and controllers onto electric mobility trike frames for optimal performance.

3-5 days
Quality Testing

Rigorous testing, including 3 wheel leisure scooty capacity and electronics functionality, for reliability.

3-5 days
performance tuning
Performance Tuning

Final adjustments to ensure adults electric trikes e scooter handling and efficiency meet high standards.

Hot Model of Electric Mobility 3 Wheel Scooter

Explore a range of specifications and versatile options with additional personalization features to enhance your daily commuting experience on a 3-wheel electric scooter

Cost Analysis For Electric Scooter Tricycle

Raw Material Cost

The acquisition of raw materials such steel for frames significantly impacts the price of an electric tricycle scooter. Components like electric motors, batteries, controllers, tires, rear axles, and seating materials vary in quality and grade, affecting the final cost.

Manufacturing Cost

Manufacturing an electric mobility trike involves processing raw materials through cutting, stamping, and painting. The assembly process includes frame welding and fitting of parts, with final quality checks and controls. Labor costs for these processes are a critical consideration in the overall cost.

Packaging Cost

Packaging materials for an electric 3 wheel trike scooter range from basic wraps to sturdy crates, tailored to the tricycle’s dimensions and fragility. Different packaging types, such as complete knock-down (CKD), semi knock-down (SKD), or fully assembled units, influence container volume and shipping efficiency.

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs from the manufacturing site to distributors or end customers, taking into account freight, logistics, distance, and mode of transport, such as sea or land freight.

Import Duties and Taxes

Importing an electric trike scooter entails customs duties, taxes, and other fees that vary by country, significantly affecting the overall import cost.

Other Cost

Additional expenses include remittance fees, insurance costs, exchange rate fluctuations, storage fees, and clearance charges. These are essential to consider in the total cost bringing a three-wheel e-trike to market.

Why Choose Electric Trike Scooter From AGL-Trike?

AGL-Trike has established a robust reputation over 15 years, refining our expertise across the full spectrum of the electric tricycle process. We are committed to delivering excellence through our comprehensive services, including design, production, sales, and customer support.

factory directly
Factory Directly
experienced workers
Experienced Worker
Strong Productivity
Strong Productivity
fast lead time
Fast Lead Time

Visible QualityE-Trike Details

AGL-Trike stands for exceptional quality, striving for the best balance of durability and affordability in our electric passenger trike scooter.

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

customized service

Skipping Customization for Electric Scooter Tricycle

The material and components used can affect everything from weight to durability. Opt for reinforced composites or aluminum alloys for a lightweight yet robust frame. Ensure that accessories such as storage compartments and seating are of high quality and suited to your daily needs. Pay attention to tire choices as well; for city commuting, smoother tires provide a better experience, while more textured tires are essential for varied terrains

battery of electric trke scooter

Battery Considerations

While your electric trike scooter isn't intended for heavy cargo, battery capacity should not be underestimated. A moderately sized battery can ensure a balance between weight and range. Look for a battery that provides sufficient power for your daily commutes without contributing excessive weight. Lithium-ion batteries are often a good choice, offering a decent energy-to-weight ratio and reliable performance.

motor of e trike scooter

Motor Wattage Wisdom

Resist the temptation to chase the highest wattage. For a low-speed personal trike, a motor rated at 500W or less is often ample, providing the best balance of performance and efficiency. A higher wattage motor doesn't always equate to better performance, especially if you're looking for an efficient, reliable ride for everyday use

after service of electric tricycle

After-Sales Support

Never ignore the after-sales support offered by your supplier. Good after-sales service can make the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major headache. Check for warranty periods, availability of spare parts, and the responsiveness of customer service. A supplier with a strong support system ensures that your scooter will be well-maintained and any issues will be resolved promptly.

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