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    Bestuurstelsel: Aandryf the E-Rickshaw Tricycle

    The drivetrain is the powerhouse of the electric tricycle. A well-engineered drivetrain provides efficient power transfer, ensuring optimal performance across various terrains and load conditions.

    Elektriese driewielmotor

    Motor Besonderhede

    Power and Type: The choice of motor power and type directly influences the tricycle’s efficiency and overall performance. Common types of motors used in electric tricycles are:

    sleutel parameters van die motor

    Motor Power Impact: Your selection of motor power and variety plays a pivotal role in determining the tricycle's effectiveness and overall ride experience.
    Gegradeerde krag (W) Aanbevole gebruikscenario's
    800W to 1000W Usage: Suited for smaller-sized electric rickshaws. These motor capacities are on the lower end for passenger electric tricycles. They're not ideal for typical large passenger load scenarios but more for home leisure use or small electric rickshaws meant for shorter distances.
    Recommended Scenario: Ideal for lighter loads, such as individual transport or light leisure activities within neighborhood settings or parks.
    1000W to 1200W Usage: This is the most common range for electric rickshaws, striking a balance between performance and affordability. Rickshaws within this wattage range can comfortably accommodate 4-5 passengers.
    Recommended Scenario: Best for urban or suburban areas with moderate terrains. This motor strength can manage regular passenger loads, making it the minimum requirement for daily commercial use.
    1500W to 2000W Usage: These are high-performance motors designed to tackle challenging terrains and higher passenger loads. They provide additional power for uphill climbs and rough paths.
    Recommended Scenario: Ideal for hilly regions or areas with uneven terrains. Suitable for busy routes with a constant flow of passengers, ensuring both speed and efficiency.
    2000W and Above Motors Usage: The pinnacle of power in electric rickshaws, these motors are designed for the heaviest passenger loads and toughest terrains. They can provide faster speeds, making them apt for longer routes.
    Recommended Scenario: Perfect for transporting maximum passenger loads over extended distances. Especially beneficial in areas with demanding terrains or for those looking for higher speeds without compromising on load.

    Torque (Nm) Defined: Torque represents the essential "force" propelling a vehicle into motion or assisting it uphill.

    Think of torque as the electric motor’sstrength,crucial when initiating motion in the electric tricycle or tackling uphill challenges.

    A greater torque value indicates that the tricycle can manage steeper ascents and bulkier cargoes without overexerting the motor. Imagine having a robust colleague assist in pushing a hefty trolley uphill. For level terrains, average torque works fine. However, if your routes often involve hills or transporting heavy items, a high-torque motor becomes essential for consistent, optimal performance.

    Even when two motors possess identical power, their torque can differ, leading to variations in the performance of the electric tricycle.

    Typically, a bigger motor means more wattage and increased torque. While choosing between 800W and 1000W motors might not present a notable price gap, there’s a discernible difference in weight and dimensions. Motors with greater size, like the 1000W, perform more robustly, particularly on challenging road conditions.

    Speed (RPM): The rotational speed sets the tricycle's maximum velocity.

    Although a higher RPM typically equates to faster top speeds on electric tricycles, real-world performance also hinges on aspects like the transmission, the tricycle’s weight, and the load it carries.

    Kies AGL, en ons sal jou lei in die keuse van die komplekse motorkrag en tipes, om te verseker dat jou voertuig optimale doeltreffendheid en werkverrigting behaal.

    Beheerder van elektriese driewiel

    Beheerder besonderhede

    Serving as the drivetrain’s command center, the controller modulates the current supplied to the motor according to the throttle’s prompt. Its significance extends to regulating acceleration and maximum speed.

    Beskermingsfunksies: These include safeguards against excessive current, undervoltage, and overheating.

    sleutelparameters van die kontroleerder

    When choosing a controller, ensuring it aligns with the motor type is vital. For instance, a sine wave motor requires a matching sine wave controller.

    Peak Current (A): Indicates the maximum power the controller can deliver to the motor.

    Voltage Compatibility (V): Should be in sync with the battery’s voltage.

    Categorized by Voltage: Options include 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V, etc., with 60V being the predominant choice.

    Geklassifiseer volgens die aantal kragtransistors: Daar is 15, 17, 18, 24, 36, ens. verskillende getalle. Hoe meer kragtransistors is, hoe groter is die ooreenstemmende motorkrag, wat lei tot sterker uitsetkrag, hoër prys en groter kragverbruik.

    • 18 & 24 Transistors: Commonly used in many electric tuk-tuks, these controllers provide a balance between speed, performance, and efficiency.
    • 36 Transistors: Best suited for electric tuk-tuks with higher motor power, these controllers deliver top-tier performance, although they might be more expensive and consume more power.

    Choosing a controller with the appropriate specifications, we can ensure the motor receives the correct current, optimizing the acceleration and top speed of the electric rickshaw.

    electric richshaw rear axle

    Keuse van agteras

    The rear axle is crucial to an electric passenger tricycle’s performance. It offers stability and balance, ensuring smooth and steady rides across diverse terrains. Choosing a quality rear axle bolsters your electric passenger tricycle’s dependability, making each journey secure and pleasant. Your selection guarantees that every trip is a fusion of efficiency and safety.

    Beskermingsfunksies: The rear axle is essential for balance and stability

    Geïntegreerde agteras (met differensiaal)


    • Strength and Durability: Designed to handle heavier loads, making it ideal for electric passenger tricycles that require substantial load-bearing capacities.
    • Reliability: Fewer connecting parts translate to increased durability and fewer breakdown chances.
    • Efficiency: Simplified design means quicker and easier installation, beneficial for large-scale manufacturing and repairs.


    • Maintenance Complexity: If components like the differential need attention, addressing the entire axle unit might become necessary.
    • Size: The integrated axle, being bulkier, might be less suited for smaller 2-3 passenger electric tricycles.
    • Cost: Generally, it tends to be pricier than the segmented rear axle.

    Given the demands of the electric passenger tricycle market, the integrated rear axle is a popular choice due to its strength and efficiency, especially for vehicles designed to carry multiple passengers.

    Gesegmenteerde agteras (met differensiaal)


    • Ease of Maintenance: Its modular design ensures that specific damaged parts can be replaced without the need to change the entire system.
    • Cost-Efficiency: Typically less expensive, striking a balance between quality and affordability.
    • Flexibility: Suitable for smaller electric passenger tricycles designed for 2-3 passengers, offering an efficient load-bearing capability for such vehicles.


    • Regular Upkeep: Its segmented nature might necessitate more frequent checks and maintenance to ensure smooth performance.
    • Load Limitations: While efficient for smaller vehicles, it might not be the best choice for larger electric passenger tricycles with higher passenger capacity.

    The segmented rear axle, due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness, is a viable choice for smaller electric passenger tricycles, especially those designed for short-distance commutes with fewer passengers.

    At AGL-Trike, we prioritize our customersspecific needs, offering the most cost-effective rear axle configurations to ensure optimal usability and performance of the tricycles throughout their lifecycle.

    Agteras ratkas

    sleutelparameters van die agteras:

    Centrally housed within the rear axle, the gearbox serves as the vital connector for the wheels and a bridge to the motor. It’s instrumental in driving and transmission.

    The heart of this gearbox is the differential. It takes the power from the motor, using its gears, and distributes it to the half-axles, allowing for differing wheel speeds. This mechanism ensures the leisure trike turns smoothly and maintains balance. The internal gear ratio of the differential is a determinant of the trike’s start-up thrust, top velocity, and efficiency.

    The differential’s superior torque delivery and its capacity to handle uphill tasks and loads make it indispensable in leisure trikes, elevating the overall trike experience.

    Rat verhouding:

    The image highlights the inner workings of the differential, showcasing the gear tooth ratio between the drive gear (connected to the motor) en die driven gear (affiliated with the wheels).


    • a 3:1 gear ratio indicates that for every 3 rotations of the drive gear (connected to the motor), the driven gear (linked to the wheel) turns once, leading to quicker speeds but reduced hauling capability.
    • a 5:1 ratio signifies that the drive gear must make 5 spins for the driven gear to complete a single rotation, resulting in slower speeds but amplified torque.

    Consider two electric tricycles: both have identical motor specifications but different differential ratios. The first has a ratio of 31:10, while the second boasts a 35:14 ratio. The second tricycle achieves speeds exceeding the first by at least 10 km/h, yet sacrifices in terms of its load-bearing ability.

    To decipher if a tricycle prioritizes power over speed from its differential ratio: lower ratios suggest a speed-centric design, whereas higher ratios denote a focus on strength and power.

    die differensiaal van elektriese driewiel
    Standaardratkas vs. Veranderlike spoedratkas
    Standaardratkas vs. Veranderlike spoedratkas:

    Harnessing the capabilities of a Variable Speed Gearbox (dubbed the high-low speed differential), our tricycles integrate a unique gear-shift fork. This permits effortless toggling between high and low-speed settings, ensuring smooth adaptability when moving from flat landscapes to challenging terrains that demand added torque and power. The distinction between these two modes can be vividly observed in the provided image.

    Toepaslike scenario's:

    • High-Speed Mode: Ideal for flat surfaces and standard roadways, this mode minimizes resistance, maximizing the tricycle’s speed while emphasizing energy efficiency, whether that’s fuel or battery power.
    • Low-Speed Mode: Custom-tailored for rigorous environments – think steep inclines or moments when transporting substantial weight. This setting boosts the tricycle’s torque and power, maintaining a consistent pace and avoiding unnecessary strain on the motor.
    Hill-Assist Feature (Optional):

    Our innovative gearbox, often referred to as the high-low speed transmission, comes equipped with a specialized shift lever. This lever makes it a breeze for riders to transition to low speeds during uphill journeys and revert to higher speeds on level grounds. It’s our dedicated hill-conquering functionality, designed to adapt to diverse riding conditions and can be personalized to suit distinct requirements.

    Ander oorwegings in ratkas vir optimale duursaamheid en krag

    Die wanddikte van die ratkas omhulsel, die materiaal wat gebruik word, en die vervaardigingsproses van die ratte self is almal deurslaggewende elemente. Boonop is die modulus van die ratte van kardinale belang, aangesien dit die kragoordrag en duursaamheid van die hele voertuig direk kan beïnvloed.

    At our production center, the design and assembly of our gearboxes emphasize excellence and durability for our electric tricycles. Our thorough process ensures seamless power transition from the motor to the wheels, assuring you of a top-notch performance and an enduring vehicle lifespan.

    Battery Essentials for E-Rickshaw Tricycles

    When choosing a leisure electric tricycle, battery endurance is paramount. Ensure a battery that not only offers extended range but also promises a long lifespan for countless adventures ahead

    Litium-ioon vs. Lood-suur: 'n Vergelyking

    Parameter/spanning Litium-ioon battery Loodsuurbattery
    Koopprys Hoër aanvanklike beleggingskoste Oor die algemeen meer bekostigbaar, maar kan meer gereelde vervangings vereis
    Veiligheid en stabiliteit Kan meer wisselvallig wees onder toestande soos oorlaai, maar kom gewoonlik met gevorderde batterybestuurstelsels (BMS) vir beskerming Meer stabiel
    Weight/Size Ligter en meer energiedigter, wat hulle geskik maak vir draagbare toepassings In vergelyking met litiumbatterye van dieselfde kapasiteit, het dit 'n groter volume en is dit swaarder
    Lewensduur Bied gewoonlik langer lewensduur met 'n groter aantal laai-ontladingsiklusse Korter lewensduur en degradeer vinniger na 'n sekere aantal siklusse
    Laai spoed Vinniger laai vermoëns Stadiger laaitye
    Omvang en prestasie in koue toestande Behou 'n ordentlike werkverrigting in koue temperature, maar omvang kan effens verminder word Meer vatbaar vir prestasiedalings in kouer klimate, wat lei tot verminderde reikafstand

    Both lead-acid and lithium batteries are commonly used in passenger E-trikes. Your choice can be based on your budget

    Battery kapasiteit Kies

    Parameter/spanning 48V 60V 72V
    Battery Hoeveelheid 4 batterye 5 batterye 6 batterye
    Algemene kapasiteit 32Ah,45Ah 45Ah, 52Ah, 58Ah 45Ah, 52Ah, 58Ah,60ah,100ah.etc
    Beveel Motorkrag aan Below 1000W 1000W-2000W Bo 2000W
    Toepaslike scenario's Suitability: Best for compact models designed for short distances or light passenger loads.
    Performance: Not as powerful, might struggle on steep inclines or challenging terrains.
    Cost: Generally more affordable due to the less demanding power infrastructure.
    Suitability: A versatile choice fitting a range of E-rickshaw sizes, from medium to larger ones.
    Performance: Offers a balanced power profile, making it adaptable to both high and low power motors. Capable of handling moderate inclines and diverse terrains.
    Cost: Moderately priced, reflecting its middle-ground position in terms of performance and capacity.
    Suitability: Ideal for larger models requiring significant power, especially over longer distances or challenging routes.
    Performance: Robust and powerful, designed to excel in tough conditions. When paired with a large capacity battery (e.g., 100ah), ensure the model has space to accommodate it.
    Cost: Tends to be on the pricier side due to its superior power and potential for enhanced battery storage.
    Cruise Range 40-50 kilometers 55-70 kilometers 70-140 kilometers

    The mileage estimates provided in the table are based on unladen (empty) conditions. Actual range can vary depending on the specific model chosen, riding speed, motor size, and other factors. Please consider these figures as general approximations and consult with us for a more precise estimation based on your particular needs.

    Ander sleutelparameters oor batterye

    • Reputation: Leading brands are synonymous with trustworthiness and superior quality, having been subjected to rigorous quality assessments and proven themselves in the market.
    • Manufacturing Date: Opt for newer batteries as they tend to offer enhanced durability and steadiness.
    • Safety Measures: Confirm the battery is equipped with essential safety mechanisms like protection against overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits.
    • Battery Placement and Heft: These elements influence the tricycle’s equilibrium. For optimal safety and balance, the battery should be harmoniously aligned with the vehicle’s design.

    Smart Battery Selection: Merely opting for greater voltage and capacity isn’t always the best approach in battery choices. With AGL by your side, we’ll help streamline the process to find a battery configuration that aligns with the practical needs of your electric tricycle’s target audience. By aligning the correct motor strength and user specifications, we not only boost the tricycle’s efficacy but also make sure your financial outlay pays off, emphasizing an elevated return on investment.

    Opskortingstelsel for Electric Rickshaw Tricycles

    Klassifikasie van voorveringstelsel

    Vurk skokbreker

    For tricycles, particularly those designated for goods transport or agricultural purposes, this suspension system stands out as the premier option for front shock absorption. Boasting a straightforward design, it offers durability and comes at a more affordable price point.

    Materiaal: Predominantly constructed from materials such as steel or aluminum alloy.

    Variants: Options include the spring-based shock-absorbing front fork, the hydraulic damper front fork, or a hybrid that merges both spring and hydraulic damper elements.

    electric tricycle front absober

    Werk saam met ons, en ons sal jou help om die regte voorvurk te kies op grond van die werklike situasie van jou mark, insluitend die volgende besonderhede:

    Materiaal kwaliteit: Kies vir voorvurke gemaak van hoë-gehalte materiale, soos hoësterkte staal of aluminium. Dit verseker die duursaamheid en dravermoë van die voorvurk.

    Ontwerp en Konstruksie: Kies voorvurke met versterkte strukturele ontwerpe, soos verdikte vurkarms of verbeterde sweispunte, om die risiko van buiging en vervorming te verminder.

    Reis en kompressie: Oorweeg 'n groter reis – die meting van die afstand tussen kompressie en verlenging van die skokbreker. ’n Groter reis kan abrupte veranderinge in terrein beter absorbeer.

    Dempvermoë: 'n Goeie hidrouliese dempingstelsel kan die beweging van die voorvurk in komplekse terreine beter beheer, wat 'n gladde ry-ervaring bied.

    Verstelbaarheid: Verstelbare voorvurke maak voorsiening vir fyninstelling gebaseer op vrag en terrein, soos veervoorlading, kompressie en terugslagspoed.

    Verenigbaarheid met die voertuig: Maak seker die voorvurk is versoenbaar met ander dele van die driewiel, veral die bandgrootte en remstelsel.

    Klassifikasie van agterveringstelsel

    Die agterste veerstelsel speel 'n deurslaggewende rol om stabiele, gladde en veilige bestuur te verseker, veral wanneer goedere op- en aflaai of ongelyke terrein deurkruis. Hieronder is die sleutelkomponente en oorwegings

    Blaar lente

    • Duursaamheid en stabiliteit: The leaf spring structure is simple, stable, and durable, especially suitable for heavy loads and long-term use, hence it is commonly used in freight tricycles. It consists of multiple steel strips that can bend and disperse loads over a large range.
    • Sleutel parameters: Die aantal, dikte en materiaalkwaliteit van die bladvere. Meer of dikker bladvere beteken tipies dat die vering swaarder vragte kan dra.
    • Onderhoud: Bladvere vereis minimale instandhouding en die onderhoudskoste is relatief laag.
    Bladveer absorber van vrag elektriese driewiel

    Spirng absorber /Spring shock-absorber and hydraulic damper

    Vergelyking met Leaf Spring: Bied 'n sagter en gemakliker ry-ervaring in vergelyking met bladvere, maar is dalk nie so duursaam onder swaar vragte nie.

    • Sleutel parameters:
      • Lentekoers: ('n Hoë veertempo beteken die veer is styf, en dit neem 'n groter krag om die veer saam te druk, terwyl 'n lae veertempo beteken dat die veer sagter is.)
      • Materiaal: (Die materiaal van die veer beïnvloed sy werkverrigting, duursaamheid en gewig.)
      • Deursnee: (Beïnvloed sy werkverrigting en drakrag. Vere met groter deursnee kan dalk groter vragte dra, maar hulle kan ook swaarder wees en meer spasie opneem.)
    Spoelveer-agterste absorber van die elektriese vrag driewiel

    In vennootskap met ons vir jou elektriese driewiel-behoeftes, is jy verseker van 'n topgehalte veerstelsel wat duursaamheid, veiligheid en voortreflike rygerief beloof. Vertrou jou behoeftes by ons, en ervaar die ongeëwenaarde diens en kundigheid wat ons onderskei in die elektriese driewiel-industrie.

    Raam & Structure of Electric Passenger Tircycles

    Material Selection

    Plastic Frame (with Metal Base) E-Rickshaw
    • Rising Popularity: These have become increasingly popular in recent years.
    • Construction: Consists of a steel pipe frame enveloped by a thick plastic body and a metal base.
    • Appearance: More stylish with a variety of designs.
    • Flexibility in Design: Plastic’s malleability allows manufacturers to introduce multiple models yearly, a feat hard to achieve with steel shells.
    • Battery Life: Lighter due to the use of plastic, leading to less energy consumption and longer battery life.
    • Comfort: Offers better insulation from external temperatures, leading to a more comfortable ride.
    • Durability in Harsh Conditions: Doesn’t face the rusting issues of steel. However, poor-quality plastic can deteriorate under intense sunlight.
    • Price: Typically less expensive than steel e-rickshaws due to the reduced use of steel. However, some new models, given their superior aesthetics, might be priced higher, especially if they feature better interiors and accessories.
    Steel Shell E-Rickshaw
    • Historical Significance: Steel shell tricycles have a long history.
    • Construction: Features a unified metal body, ensuring a high frame strength.
    • Safety: Generally offers better safety due to its robustness.
    • Temperature Conduction: Metal conducts temperature more effectively, which means the interiors can quickly become cold in winters or hot in summers.
    • Durability in Humid Regions: In rainy and humid areas, steel shells can rust and corrode.
    • Body Strength: In minor collisions or scratches, steel shell tricycles offer better protection. However, in significant impacts, the difference between steel and plastic shells might not be substantial.
    • Price: While steel e-rickshaws can be costlier because of the high price of steel, some plastic frame models can be more expensive due to their enhanced aesthetics and higher-end interiors.

    Elevate Your E-Rickshaw: Personalized Features & Add-ons

    Passenger tricycles aren’t just about transporting cargo — they’re about people. Every ride should be a blend of comfort for your passengers and a seamless driving experience for the operator. That’s why we offer a plethora of customization options, ensuring each journey is smooth, enjoyable, and tailored to individual preferences

    • Handlebar vs. Steering Wheel Control:

      Handlebar Control:

      • Voordele: Exceptional maneuverability on tight roads and quick responsiveness in reverse.
      • Nadele: Less stability at higher speeds during turns.

      Steering Wheel Control:

      • Voordele: Provides stable turning and maintains direction even on rough terrains without swaying.
      • Nadele: Steering mechanisms can wear over time, requiring maintenance.
    • Front and Rear Bumpers: Add an extra layer of safety and aesthetics to your e-rickshaw with durable front and rear bumpers.

    • Roof Luggage Rack & Spotlights: Maximize storage space with a robust roof luggage rack. For nighttime operations or off-road adventures, consider adding spotlights to illuminate your path.

    • Rearview Camera: Ensure safer reversing and parking with a high-definition rearview camera, providing a clear view of any obstacles behind.

    • Heuwelklimmodus (opsioneel):If you frequently travel on uphill sections, it can give the tricycle more power when climbing.
    • Solar-Powered Rides: Harness the Sun for Extended Journeys

    Enhance your electric rickshaw with rooftop solar panels. Harness solar energy for continuous charging, ensuring longer rides and eco-friendly efficiency.

    electric rickshaw with solar panel

    Explore an array of additional customization options tailored just for you. At AGL-Trike, we embrace your unique needs, offering an extensive selection beyond the standard, to truly create a trike that resonates with your style and functional preferences. Intrigued to learn more? Reach out to AGL-Trike, and let’s embark on this journey of bespoke design together.

    Remstelsel Gids of Passenger Electric tricycles

    Seleksie van remtipes



    • Budget-Friendly: The production and maintenance of drum brakes tend to be less costly.
    • Effective Stopping: Designed to deliver a pronounced braking force in certain situations.
    • Typical Applications: Predominantly used in high-load vehicles, such as cargo tricycles, to ensure effective braking.


    • They fall short in heat dissipation compared to disc brakes, heightening the risk of overheating.
    • There’s a potential for a slight delay in response time.


    • Efficient Heat Dissipation: Disc brakes stand out in their ability to dissipate heat, which aids in fast cooling and lessens overheating concerns. Their long-term upkeep might balance out the initial investment.
    • Prompt Braking: Ensures consistent and instant stopping force.
    • Ideal Applications: With their superior heat handling and promptness, disc brakes are commonly chosen for vehicles that demand high-performance braking.


    • Upfront costs can be on the higher side.
    • Might necessitate more consistent maintenance checks.

    Toepassing en standaardpassing van remme

    In the realm of electric three-wheeler loaders, drum brakes are frequently preferred, and here’s why:

    • Budget-friendly: Relative to other brake types, drum brakes offer a more cost-effective manufacturing process. This price advantage resonates with both makers and consumers in a market that values high return on investment.

    • Endurance with Easy Care: The simplicity and durability of drum brakes translate into fewer maintenance hassles and longer intervals between replacements. This ensures uninterrupted and smooth operations for electric three-wheeler loaders.

    • Suitability: Designed to accommodate higher braking torques, drum brakes align perfectly with the requirements of electric three-wheeler loaders that often handle weighty cargo.

    There are various brake configuration options, as follows:
    1. Triple Drum Brakes Configuration:
    • Summary: All three wheels are equipped with drum brakes.

    • Benefits: Drum brakes offer better performance in conditions like water and mud compared to disc brakes, guaranteeing steady performance across different terrains. They tend to be more economical and require less frequent maintenance.

    • Best Suited For: Riders who value consistent braking in varied environments and conditions without the necessity for rapid, forceful stops.

    2. Front Disc & Rear Drum Brakes Setup:

    • Summary: The front wheel is fitted with a disc brake, while the rear wheels utilize drum brakes.

    • Benefits: This mix provides the immediate response of a front disc brake coupled with the reliable performance of the rear drum brakes. It achieves a balance between cost and enhanced stopping power at the front.

    • Best Suited For: Those aiming for more braking precision at the front, yet wanting to maintain the trustworthiness of rear drum brakes.

    3. All-Wheel Disc Brakes Configuration:

    • Summary: Disc brakes are mounted on all three wheels.

    • Benefits: Disc brakes deliver superior stopping capabilities and efficient heat dissipation, especially during demanding braking moments. They ensure consistent braking across diverse conditions and have a swifter response time.

    • Best Suited For: Enthusiasts who demand the highest in braking performance, particularly in situations requiring quick stops or when navigating downhill terrains.

    Kies ALG Trike, een van die voorste vervaardigers van elektriese driewielmotors, kan nie net veilige en stabiele rem verseker nie, maar ook verskeie ry- en laaivereistes akkommodeer.

    Band en wielnaaf Noodsaaklikhede

    Tire selection for a 3-wheeler electric rickshaw

    Band grootte: Byvoorbeeld, as die band parameter is “3,0-12”, waar “3.0” verteenwoordig die bandwydte, en “12” dui die binnedeursnee van die band aan. Oor die algemeen is groter groottes duurder. Byvoorbeeld, 'n 3.0-12-band sal duurder wees as 'n 3.0-8-band.

    Bandmateriaal: Daar is hoofsaaklik twee tipes: Radiale band en Vooroordeel band.Radiale band as gevolg van hul sterkte, toon voortreflike duursaamheid, veral onder swaar vrag en langafstandry. As gemaksry die voorkeur is, sal Bias-band voldoende wees.

    Bandlaag-gradering: Algemene spesifikasies sluit in 4PR, 6PR, 8PR. Hierdie graderings verteenwoordig die band se dravermoë. Hoe meer die laagnommer is, hoe sterker sal sy dravermoë wees.

    Bandvorm: Bande kom hoofsaaklik in twee vorms voor: plat en geboë. Platbande is dikker en meer slytvast, geskik om groter vragte te dra; terwyl geboë bande 'n meer stabiele ry-ervaring bied. Daarom kan sommige driewielers dalk kies vir geboë bande voor en pap bande agter.

    plat en geboë band vir elektriese driewiel


    Aluminium wielnaaf: Aluminiumlegering is gewild vir sy liggewig, hoë sterkte en goeie korrosiebestandheid. Dit kan beter hitte-afvoer bied, help om remoorverhitting te verminder, en bied 'n sekere mate van gewigsvermindering vir die voertuig.

    Staalwielnaaf: Steel is a heavier but very sturdy and durable material. This type of wheel hub typically costs less, its heavier weight may slightly sacrifice some performance.

    Bande is die enigste kontakpunt tussen die elektriese driewiel en die grond, wat die keuse van geskikte bande deurslaggewend maak. Vir gladde paaie beveel ons aan om bande met 'n lae rolweerstand en 'n sagter samestelling te kies, wat beter gerief en energiedoeltreffendheid bied. Op ruwe of modderige terrein moet bande met diep loopvlakke gekies word om goeie vastrap te verseker.

    Vervoerverpakking by AGL-Trike

    Voertuig aflewering Verpakking

    At AGL-Trike,as a passenger tricycle manufacturers in china,we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to the highest quality in every aspect, right down to our packaging. To provide our clients with a visual understanding of our professionalism, we showcase several standard full-vehicle delivery packaging methods. Our approach ensures the utmost safety and protection for the product, ensuring it reaches you in pristine condition.

    • Basiese standaard sponsverpakking

    • Houtraamverpakking

    • Metaalraamverpakking

    • Metaalraam met houtkratverpakking
    ALG TRIKE pakkie foto

    Meer persoonlike verpakking opsies

    Ons verstaan ​​dat elke kliënt dalk spesifieke behoeftes en voorkeure het wanneer dit by vervoer en montering kom, bied ons 'n reeks verpakkingskeuses:

    • SKD (Semi neergeslaan): Hierdie verpakkingsmetode behels gedeeltelike samestelling. Belangrike komponente word afsonderlik verpak, wat 'n balans bied tussen gemak van vervoer en verminderde monteringspoging by die bestemming.

    • CBU (heeltemal opgebou): Die voertuig is volledig gemonteer en gereed vir onmiddellike gebruik met aankoms. Hierdie metode is ideaal vir kliënte wat 'n plug-and-play-oplossing verkies sonder die behoefte vir na-versendingsamestelling.

    • CKD (heeltemal afgebreek): Dit behels 'n volledige demontage van die voertuig. Elke komponent is veilig individueel verpak, wat kompaktheid en doeltreffendheid tydens vervoer verseker. Hierdie metode is perfek vir bestemmings met spesifieke invoerregulasies of vir kliënte wat gespesialiseerde monteervermoëns in die huis het.

    Deur hierdie uiteenlopende verpakkingsopsies aan te bied, verseker ons dat ons kliënte 'n metode kan kies wat perfek pas by hul logistiek, monteervermoëns en voorkeure. Ons doel by AGL-Trike is om elke aspek van jou aankoop, insluitend vervoer en verpakking, so naatloos en pasgemaak as moontlik te maak.

    Sien Ons Fabriek in aksie: regte foto's, regte kwaliteit

    Verken agter-die-skerms besonderhede van ons fabriek. Kyk van nader na ons praktiese kwaliteit en ware toewyding

    Gereelde vrae op Groothandel en Aanpassing van Cargo Electric Driewiele

    Vir optimale versendingskoste, raai ons aan om 'n 20GP-houer te vul. Bestellings wat nie 'n houer vul nie, word egter aanvaar met 'n nota van hoër versendingskoste. Meng 1-2 verskillende driewielstyle in 'n enkele houer vir verskeidenheid en kostedoeltreffendheid.

    Maak seker dat jy die beste kry in versending, koste en verskeidenheid met ons buigsame MOQ en versendingsopsies.

    For standard models, expect a lead time of 15-25 days. For special custom orders, delivery times are estimated based on your specific requirements, ensuring you know when to expect your order, and can plan accordingly.

    We offer a 1-year warranty for our electric tricycles, covering any non-man-made damages. Rest assured that we stand behind the quality and durability of our products, providing you with reliable post-purchase support.

    Ja, ons stuur ons vrag elektriese driewiele wêreldwyd met betroubare logistieke vennote.

    Absoluut, ons driewielfietse voldoen aan internasionale veiligheid- en kwaliteitstandaarde, wat betroubaarheid en veiligheid vir al ons kliënte verseker.

    We provide comprehensive after-sales service including spare parts supply, technical support, and other assistance to ensure the smooth operation of your electric tricycle.

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